What Is TNM Tournament Edition?

In many sports and entertainment franchises, tournaments bring the heat. Whether it's playing a season to qualify for the playoffs or bringing the best teams in the world together to find out which one is THE best, tournaments generate excitement.

TNM Tournament Edition puts you in a position to create different types of tournaments in minutes so you can lean back and watch the action unfold.

Whether you are just looking for a quick session to fill 15 minutes or plan to dig deep through all the available options and spend hours simulating a huge G1 tournament: TNM Tournament Edition has you covered.

The TNM Match Engine

What has made TNM stand out since 1995 is its match engine which simulates matches move-for-move, giving you a different flow and a different result every time you run a match.

While other wrestling simulators focus on the business aspect of wrestling, TNM has always been about the enjoyment of reading along as the matches unfold.

Tournament Types

TNM Tournament Edition supports Elimination Tournaments, Round Robin Tournaments, and Swiss Rules Tournaments. It also supports multi-block Round Robins where the winners - or losers - advance to an Elimination Tournament or a Round Robin to determine the ultimate winner - or loser.

Tournament Rules

You can customize the rules for the type of tournament you wish to run. Allow for disqualifications or don't. Allow for countouts or don't. Set a time limit or no time limit at all.

Have One-Fall Matches, Two-Out-Of-Three-Falls Matches, Iron Man Matches and Death Matches which don't end until somebody has won three falls back-to-back.

Use Ladder Matches, I-Quit Matches, and Falls-Count-Anywhere Matches. Or stick the competitors in a cage and go old-school where the only way to leave the cage as the winner is by pinning your opponent or making him submit.

Where Do I Get My Wrestlers?

If you want, you can create your own set of wrestlers. Or you can forego this and import your choice of the thousands of TNM 7 Second Edition wrestler export files out there on the Internet. If you would like to, you could even import your entire existing TNM 7 Second Edition database and hit the ground running.

Core Design Principles

TNM Tournament Edition was designed for Windows from the ground up, incorporating our 28 years of experience building wrestling simulators into a more modern and user-friendly product which you can just pick up and go without having to read a 150-page manual.

Get Started Quickly

With casual gaming being so popular today, it's important to avoid steep learning curves. The goal is to be able to run your first tournament five minutes after the installation has finished.

Make It Your Own

As you get more comfortable, you will want to customize the experience. Tournament rules, scoring, how the rankings are compiled, which images and themes to use for wrestlers - you are in control.

Deep History

While first-time users appreciate being taken by the hand, serious users will appreciate the fact that every tournament they run is fully chronicled. Run the same tournament 100 times, and the full results will remain available.

Not Just A Pretty Face

You can assign a headshot image and a larger image to every wrestler in your database and entrance themes for use within tournaments.

Share Data

Export wrestlers and share them with your friends. Or export the media you linked to your wrestlers for safekeeping. Managing wrestler media has never been easier.

Go Big

TNM Tournament Edition was designed to support screen sizes as small as 1388x768. Go larger and you'll get things like real-time scoring during tournaments.