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Oliver Copp
Based in Landshut, Germany

July 1, 2020

Windows 98 or higher


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TNM Tournament Edition is a pro wrestling simulator in which users create different types of tournaments and follow along as the match engine simulates the tournament matches move for move, outputting the play-by-play in readable form.

Due to its full data compatibility with TNM 7 Second Edition wrestler export files, players can download thousands of real professional wrestlers from the 1970s through today. Alternatively they are able to import an existing TNM 7 Second Edition installation's databases during the setup procedure. They can also create their own wrestlers or use the pack of 16 Fantasy Wrestlers supplied with TNM Tournament Edition.


TNM Tournament Edition is the fifth distinct product in a formerly DOS-based line of wrestling simulators, spanning 25 years and 28 releases. It is the first product since 1995's TNM 5 to focus on tournament gameplay, the first major release since 2003's TNM 7 Second Edition and the first TNM simulator written entirely for the Windows operating system.


  • Create tournaments with up to 128 participants which can be set up in over 37,000 distinct ways.
  • Choose from Elimination Tournaments, Single-Block Round Robin Tournaments (everybody faces everybody else), Multi-Block Round Robin Tournaments (both with or without a second phase to determine the ultimate winner), and Swiss-Rules Tournaments (a shortened Round Robin followed by an Elimination Tournament)
  • Any tournament can consist of singles wrestlers or tag teams, and you can either have the winners or losers advance.
  • Customize your tournaments exactly how you want them - time limits, countouts, disqualifications, the number of falls to win... or bring out the big guns and put the participants in a cage or have them wrestle all over the arena.
  • Re-run every tournament to your heart's content and see how the participants fared on average. Who were the big winners, the disappointments, the wrestlers with the best matches and more? The Leaderboard will tell you.

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Selected Articles

The video game I played most back then, a text-based wrestling simulator called TNM, upended everything I knew about gaming. I wanted results and story, not platforming Mario jumps and tedious Final Fantasy-style level-grinding, and TNM — now in its seventh iteration and still obsessively updated by its German creator, Oliver Copp — delivered the goods.
-- Oliver Bateman, These Fans Created Fantasy Leagues That Don’t Need Actual Sports (MEL)

Even to this day, (TNM is) an unprecedented concept, and one that allowed for an even more unlimited set of possibilities.
-- Marcus K. Dowling, We killed (video game) pro wrestling. We killed the teen dream. Deal with it. (

TNM 7 is the best wrestling simulator ever. With its seemingly endless options and an easy to use text based format, TNM 7 has garnered quite a few fans. However, for every fan of TNM 7 there is a person who absolutely despises the game. Most of the people that dislike the game come up with weak arguments like ''it sucks because it is made in DOS and it doesn't have graphics''.
-- Here's your chance to be a wrestling god (GameFAQs)

TNM On The Internet

Since the first TNM product was released to the public in 1995, TNM has been the best-in-class in terms of simulating matches and having the user follow along move for move. TNM Tournament Edition is the first product of the TNM family to be created completely for use in Microsoft Windows. TNM 7 Second Edition remains available as a DOS-based product which comes prepackaged with the emulator DOSBOX for use in modern versions of Windows. Contrary to TNM Tournament Edition, TNM 7 Second Edition is focused on running different circuits. You schedule cards, pick the matches and lean back while TNM 7 Second Edition simulates the matches start-to-finish. Its output inspires how you continue your storylines.